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Gov. Pat Quinn: AFSCME, lawmakers need to back prison closures to avert DCFS layoffs

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SPRINGFIELD-Gov. Pat Quinn shifted blame Wednesday over potential DCFS layoffs to AFSCME and the General Assembly, criticizing them both for fighting his plan to close prisons and divert $57 million in savings from those closures to the child-welfare agency to stave off job cuts.
"We want to protect abused and neglected children, but the General Assembly and the union wanted to keep facilities open in different parts of Illinois, such as prisons and other facliitiles that in some cases were half empty or totally empty," Quinn told reporters in Chicago, where the union staged a protest over the possible DCFS layoffs. "I thought that was a very poor expenditure of money."
In late June, Quinn stripped out funds that lawmakers included in the budget to keep prisons in Downstate Tamms and Dwight open, along with juvenile detention centers in Joliet and Downstate Murphysboro.
During their fall veto session, which begins Nov. 27, the House and Senate will vote to approve those changes or, more likely, override Quinn's spending reductions.
"The only time we'll be able to deal with this is when the Legislature comes back in session, and we hope to get the Legislature to restore the money to the Department of Children and Family Services for the children," he said. "I think children are far more important than keeping half-empty facilities open. I think it's much better to help people than keep half-empty facilities open."

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Quinn is way off base none of the open facilites are half or even totally empty; which would be accurately reported if he would let anyone to inspect the facilities number one. And number two if he would impliment SB2621 then he could reduce the population move inmates around accordingly and then have a leg to stand on in closing a facility or two. But to say that he wants this money for the children and blame everyone else is just BS!

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