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Mother Jones releases full Romney 47 percent video

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Mother Jones has posted two videos online, calling them unedited videos of what has become an explosive set of remarks GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney delivered at a private campaign function earlier this year.

From the Mother Jones post:

Romney is not the only one who has called for the release of the full 49-minute video. And we're more than happy to oblige. The complete video demonstrates that Romney was not snippetized and that he was captured raw and uncut. Here it is, in two parts:

Mother Jones also offered audio-only versions and promised a full transcript shortly:

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1 Comment

Mother Jones exists for one purpose and one purpose, only. To get tax dollars for the blue collar "elite"-- teachers, public transit workers, firefighters, lifeguards, etc. To hell with every other worker. I think I'll join the leisure class and go on welfare and make these people support me for a change.

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