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Duckworth's new TV ad: Double amputee on bicycle "willing to go the extra mile."

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Her opponent has criticized her "hero" status, saying all she talks about is her military service. But Tammy Duckworth's latest TV ad doesn't show her in military uniform.

The double amputee, maimed in combat, is shown training on her bicycle. The ad says she is willing to "go the extra mile to create an economy that rewards hard-work and responsibility."

The ad was a way to convey her past without directly telling the war story that is already familiar to many in the voting public. Duckworth garnered national attention after speaking at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte earlier this month. She dramatically walked onto stage on prosthetics.

"Tammy has never shied away from the responsibility of serving her country," said Campaign Manager Kaitlin Fahey. "This commercial conveys her commitment to getting to work and fighting to improve the lives of working families throughout the 8th District."

Meanwhile, U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh, her opponent, was hitting hard at Duckworth, accusing her of not spending enough time in the district and for raising money in California.

Walsh gave away a trip to California to a donor who wanted to have a "chance to hear Tammy Duckworth in LA."
"Dave will enjoy a round-trip and one night's stay in Los Angeles with the exclusive chance to finally hear Tammy Duckworth in person," a release from Walsh chides.

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