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DNC venue change means bye, bye balloon drop

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The children and grand children of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan enjoy the hundreds of balloons on stage at the Tampa Bay Times Forum in Tampa, Florida, on August 30, 2012 on the final day of the Republican National Convention. AFP PHOTO

Organizers promise it'll still be a party, but President Barack Obama's acceptance speech Thursday night will not include the usual balloon drop because of a last-minute venue change to avoid foul weather, CNN reports.

Obama's campaign announced Wednesday that a strong chance of thunderstorms prompted them to move the president's speech and the last day of convention events from the outdoor Bank of America football stadium to the smaller indoor arena where events are already underway.

It was the right move, according to the Sun-Times' own Richard Roper. A Democratic official told CNN the night will still be festive, but just won't include balloons. Dare we hope for a confetti cannon?

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"Strong chance of thunderstorms?" 30 percent? Come on, just level with your readers. They were going to have a half-empty stadium that would have been compared to Clint Eastwood's empty chair. Have you ever known ANY event to be canceled because of a 30 percent chance of rain? Don't assume your readers are that gullible.

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