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Cullerton: Illinois Senate is going back into the Super majority.

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Illinois Senate President John Cullerton said this November's election has significant implications for the Illinois Statehouse.

There is a cluster of battleground districts throughout the state, he said.

"We are campaigning all over the state for those 6 or 7 incumbents in really tough races," Cullerton said.

"Because of redistricting and shifting of population, not only will be have the reelection of (President) Obama, but the Illinois Senate is going back into the Super majority."

Cullerton also poked some fun at GOP Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan, who messed up his marathon time.

"He was only off an hour and five minutes," Cullerton said.

Cullerton said that had to be a bald-faced lie because every runner remembers his or her best time down to the second.

It had been awhile for Cullerton but here's his: 3:18:04

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