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U.S. Rep. Dold speaks before members of the Illinois delegation

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U.S. Rep. Robert Dold (R-IL), given one of the most Democratic-heavy
districts held by any incumbent Republican in the country, talks about
the importance of pro-business agenda that will help job growth.

Dold spoke Thursday before members of the Illinois delegation to the
Republican National Convention.

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The Sun-Times should have the journalistic integrity to investigate the facts in this article:

If, as it claims, Brad Schneider made no money from his small business, which he cites as a qualification for serving in Congress, the voters of the Tenth District need to know. I checked out Cadence Consulting's website ( and it seems like the company really does nothing. No phone number or email address? No employees? No listed clients? But BICYCLING links?

What's going on here, Brad Schneider needs to clarify because it seems as though his "business experience" is, at the very least, a fabricated hoax.

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