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To "get" Rahm, meet older brother Zeke: Telling profile

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Zeke Emanuel is Rahm's older brother and is as brash and abrasive as the Chicago mayor. Zeke, a vice provost at Penn, and a frequent guest on political talk shows, is the subject of a long Associated Press profile you can read HERE. If you want to understand Rahm--you need to "get" the Israeli-born Zeke. In the article Zeke takes a call from Rahm and calls him "boychick," a Yiddish term of endearment for young man.

Excerpt: "The standard line about the Brothers Emanuel is that Ari is the richest, Rahm the most powerful, and Zeke the smartest. Asked whether he agrees, Zeke harrumphs, "I'm the one who came up with that!"

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