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The primetime speeches of the Republican National Convention

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Covering the speeches: Day 1, Republican National Convention

Storified by Craig Newman · Tue, Aug 28 2012 19:14:29

9:12 | I wanna talk to you not about party and not about politics ... I want to talk from my heart ... Tonight I want to talk to you about love.
Ann Romney's convention speech: Excerpts - Lynn Sweetbelow, from the Romney campaign... EXCERPTS FROM ANN ROMNEY'S CONVENTION SPEECH ...Tonight I want to talk to you from my heart about our ...
Spirited Standing Ovation for Ann Romney. She's now on stage. She's asking everyone to take a moment for potential hurricane victims. #RNCnatasha korecki
9:10 p.m. | Huge applause for Ann Romney as she's introduced.
Democrat-turned-Republican Art Davis speaking now. says the last time he spoke at a convention, he was "at the wrong place." #RNC #GOP2012natasha korecki
Artur Davis on why he left Obama: Maybe "Hollywood stars" & "glamour blinded us a little" Text - Lynn SweetThe Hon. Artur Davis Former U.S. Representative - Alabama (Remarks as Prepared for Delivery) August 28, 2012 Ladies and gentlemen, thank ...
Standing O for Santorum: "One party ... will reach out their hands in love to lift up all of God's children. Born and unborn." #RNC2012natasha korecki
Rick Santorum. He's up#RNC #GOP2012natasha korecki
Add Rick Santorum to the long list of speakers to focus on the national debt. #gop2012 #rnc korecki
Lane Turner rocking out. Rnc2012 korecki
Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker gets loudest welcome yet. Cheers. Whistles. Cowboy hats. #GOP2012 #RNCnatasha korecki
Scott Walker stirring up the crowd #gop2012 #rnc korecki
Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell: "too many Americans are looking for work because this president's policies just don't work." #RNC #GOP2012natasha korecki
Another commercial hammering Obama, his voice is heard: "If you got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen."#RNCnatasha korecki
Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma up now thrashing Obama: "the president believes that the government is responsible for our successes."natasha korecki
Ohio Governor John Kasich up now. Getting the crowd worked up. #GOP2012natasha korecki

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