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Invisible Obama answers Clint Eastwood's challenge, a meme is born - Eastwooding

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While President Obama took to Reddit and the Romney campaign concentrated on hastags, a new front opened on the social media political war, answering a gauntlet thrown down by Clint Eastwood.

Eastwood spent much of his unusual speech/riff/standup Thursday night at the Republican National Convention conversing with and cutting down an Invisible Obama in a chair next to him. This being the age of Twitter, it didn't take long for an @InvisibleObama to crop up to carry on the conversation.

President Obama - the visible one - got in on the act, too. Through his official Twitter account, an answer was released:

And, of course, the inevitable meme cropped up - Eastwooding. Or, #eastwooding, if you prefer, which is basically a bunch of folks uploading pictures of them talking to their chairs. A bunch of photos and tweets on the meme can be found here.

Photos like this:


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