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RNC DISCORD: Ron Paul and Mitt Romney supporters clash

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TAMPA -- One group yelled: "USA!"
The other yelled: "Seat us now!"
Each tried to drown out the other as a clash ensued today between Ron Paul supporters and Mitt Romney delegates on the floor of the Republican National Convention -- the biggest so far since the events began.

The tension brought by Paul supporters has caused at least some splintering of a party at a time when it is on the national stage.

Those supporting Paul complained of what they called unfair treatment. One Paul supporter tapped a mic that was shut off and yelled, "point of order! point of order!" He was ignored.

Nevada delegation chairman Wayne Terhune said it appeared a group of people who described themselves as Maine delegates who were not properly seated at the convention were kicked out after shouting "seat us now!" and booing the convention speaker. The Paul contingent was attempting to pool enough candidates to at least get the candidate a speaking part at the convention.

"I really think they're injudicious in their use of power," Terhune said.

Here's a Las Vegas Sun piece that explains the tension that has caused at least some splintering of a party at a time when it is on the national stage: Read: Ron Paul Supporters

Buzzfeed Politics has a look inside the dustup with the Maine delegation - a rules argument that left both sides unhappy:

"It's a shame this had to happen, because things were going well so far," said one Paul advisor. "We saw it coming, though."

The advisor thought that more than the Maine issue, the rules change that was brought to a compromise today would leave a "bad taste in conservatives' mouths."

The Maine delegates "are acting like three-year-old children," said another strategist. "Dr. Paul asked them to be respectful."

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