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Primetime speeches of the Republican National Convention, Day 3 liveblog

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The speeches: Day 3 of the Republican National Convention

Storified by Craig Newman · Wed, Aug 29 2012 20:00:21

9:58 | Mitt and I also go to different churches. But in any church, the best kind of preaching is by example.
9:56 | Busting on Mitt Romney's choice of music: I've heard it on an elevator
9:54 | Mitt Romney and I are a generation apart.
Paul Ryan emerging from #gop2012 speech as Obama attack dogLynn Sweet
Ryan makes a swipe at Obama AND Bush #gop2012Lynn Sweet
"My mom is my role model," #gop2012 Paul Ryan. Heartfelt.Lynn Sweet
Paul Ryan punch #gop2012 In past four years have not lacked for words at the White House.Lynn Sweet
Obama team did not make housing crisis, but they did not correct it, #gop2012 Paul Ryan saysLynn Sweet
Paul Ryan slamming Obama on #Solyndra at #gop2012Lynn Sweet
Paul Ryan slamming Obama on #Solyndra at #gop2012Lynn Sweet
#PaulRyan #gop2012 Ryan attacking Obama "why would the next 4 years be different"Lynn Sweet
#PaulRyan #gop2012 Ryan attacking Obama "why would the next 4 years be different"Lynn Sweet
With all their attack ads the president is just throwing away money and he has plenty experience in that says Paul Ryan #gop2012Lynn Sweet
#gop2012 Paul Ryan "after 4 Years of run around " need changeLynn Sweet
Paul Ryan Republican National Convention speech excerpts - Sun-Times PoliticsPaul Ryan Convention Speech Excerpts: "I accept the calling of my generation to give our children the America that was given to us, with ...
Watch Rep. Paul Ryan's Introduction Video at Republican National Conventionpbsnewshour
Former Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice: 'Hard Work Before Us At Home'pbsnewshour
#gop2012 Condi Rice If worried about China, just consider..U.S. ratified 3 trade agreements in last few years, in the Bush administration.Lynn Sweet
And on a personal note #gop2012 Condi Rice talking about growing up in Jim Crow south and growing up to be U.S. Sec of StateLynn Sweet
Condi Rice says of poor kids, many minority, trapped in bad neighborhood schools: "This is the civil rights issue of our day." #GOP2012natasha korecki
#GOP2012 Condi Rice returning to opening question, "Where does America Stand? And it stands where....Lynn Sweet
"Self esteem comes from achievement" not from grade padding, says Condi Rice #gop2012. Plugs vouchers to give poor school choiceLynn Sweet
#gop2012 condi rice in convention speech saying a need to show "we are a compassionate nation" when it comes to immigrationLynn Sweet
"American ideals" in danger today, #2012 Condi Rice saying at GOP conventionLynn Sweet
U.S. not a culture of "entitlement," says Condi Rice #gop2012Lynn Sweet
#2012 Condi Rice in convention speech explaining "American Exceptionalism"Lynn Sweet
#2012 Condi Rice talking domestic policy, out of her wheelhouse, with mentions of small business growth and finance systemLynn Sweet
After Huckabee speech #GOP2012 Obama campaign links him to akinLynn Sweet
Former Gov. Mike Huckabee: Pres. Obama 'Promised Us Candy, But Left Us With Cavities'pbsnewshour
Watch Republican National Convention Video on Former Presidents Bushpbsnewshour
Good stuff: Video with George H.W. Bush impersonating Dana Carvey impersonating Bush: "Not going to do it. Wouldn't be prudent."Mark Brown
Sen. John McCain: 'We Can't Afford to Abandon the Cause of Human Freedom'pbsnewshour
John McCain attacks Obama on decisions abroad - Sun-Times Politics: #RNC2012 #GOP2012natasha korecki
John McCain up speaking on his 76th birthday. #GOP2012natasha korecki
Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty: "Welcome to Barack Obama's Retirement Party'pbsnewshour

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