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N.Y. Post reports Rev. Jesse Jackson wants different son in office

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The New York Post, citing unnamed family sources, is reporting that the Rev. Jesse Jackson wants to keep his son in Congress, just not the same son.

The Post quotes the source as saying that Rev. Jackson wants to see son Jonathan, 46, run for the seat currently held by Jesse Jackson, Jr., who currently is at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., undergoing treatment for depression.

The source told the post the elder Jackson has assumed control of day-to-day operation of Jesse Jackson, Jr.'s office and is handling various duties, including media access.

"The Reverend and Mrs. Jackson have an agenda that may not be Jesse Jr.'s . . . return to Congress," one source speculated. "The reverend is getting older and less and less relevant and he wants his legacy to live on in his son Jonathan. He doesn't control Jesse Jr., who's very much his own guy. He thinks he'll have more weight with Jonathan in the position."

The Post reported that Jackson, Sr., denied the sources claims that he's grooming his son Jonathan to take over the seat.

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