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G.E. Smith GOP convention band sound check: Sun-Times music video

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GOP convention House Band sound check: "My Girl"
(video by Lynn Sweet)

TAMPA--Guitarist G.E. Smith--former musical director for "Saturday Night Live" fronting the Republican National convention House band at a Sunday rehearsal--playing "My Girl." The band will be situated next to the main podium--not hidden away.

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G E Smith playing at the RNC? Go figure.No excuses here-just another white boy
showing his true lack of color.He might think his life achievements might validate his musical and political position but as another cracker republican once said-"you can't have it both ways". So GE-the next time you play some old dead black man's music have a big smile on your face knowing that their great grand kids are gonna be even more displaced by the republicans if they win this presidency. Take pride in your part of the new genocide.Are you sure your name is George Edward and not General Electric?

Your comment shows how totally uninformed you are. Why don't you do about ten minutes worth of research and see what the ties are between General Electric and the Obama Administration. You schmuck racist. Stop being such a sheep.

Well said, Truef. I was suprised as hell to see ol' G.E. at the RNC.
My first thought was, oh boy finally some really great musical direction for the event. My second thought, man is he gonna hear about this from the haters. Talk about diversity, and courage. You think he needed this gig? You think he needs the money? Check out his website to see just what this guy has going on. I don't know if G.E. is a Democrat or a Republican, and I don't care. All I know is he wasn't afraid to show up, and do what he does best.

OK-did my research.How about German Euthanizer instead of General Electric.Maybe
Guitarist Executioner.The point was not any direct reference to General Electric-just the corporate influence on the election.And yes as a white person I can say that I do have
some racist tendencies towards other white people-especially when they support politicians that are definitely making policy that discriminates against people of color.

I'd cut this guitar player a little slack here.Musicians are not known to be the brightest bulbs on the christmas tree.Too bad 'cuz he could have made the same amount of money or more doing the mitzvah circuit on long island and kept his dignity at the same time.

Truef-I don't think you got T Boners reference to Mr Smiths' initials possibly standing for General Electric.The point I carried away from that comment was that in the world of Romney and those who share his philosophy ( including the republican dominated U.S. Supreme Court) is that corporations (i.e.General Electric)
are people, and that Mr. Smith is seemingly a "person" therefore people are corporations
and G.E.Smith is just associating with the RNC for the paycheck. However awkward it may appear as he performs music written by Black People (who are surely not corporations) it is all in the name of something that seems to transcend any need for morality, ethics or just plain dignity.It's called free market capitalism and those that place that first are showing their True Colors.What's next? G.E. Smith doing a cameo on the Huckabee show or better yet- Doing the after party for the anti-gay marriage protesters
in New York? Just another White man making a living off the backs of the Black Folks.

Diversity? Courage? Are you kidding me?You sound like all the Nazi sympathizers in the early forties who waited a bit too long to make a stand against that evil.G.E. Smiths' presence at the RNC is a bad example for children teens and adults around the world-and for all of history- period!

TrueF-I think you missed the point.You see, according to Mr Romney and now the Republican led US Supreme court it has been determined that corporations are people.
The reference to using Mr Smiths' initials as a corporation(General Electric) is just supporting that fact and how it must resonate with Mr Smiths' politics and career choices.If corporations are people then surely some if not all people are corporations even though science has not yet discovered the DNA mapping of corporations that link it to "persons". Not surprising as the current Republican party has little recognition of what we know to be science in the rest of the world. So the distinction here is that G.E. Smith is in fact a "person" but not necessarily a "human" by his presence and ultimately his support of these barbarians.

Thank you GE Smith for the best live band I've ever seen at a political convention. Flawless from the first to last notes. You are a hero of mine and you proved your character on this gig too. I don't know your politics but I entertain people and I never alienate half my audience, that's not my job.
You made me smile over and over. Thank you and your country thanks you.
As a Marin county brainwashed kid who found my way politically I totally respect your courage and your musicianship is the best! I know you made everyone very happy.

A lot of nonsense and misinformation in this thread. Supreme Court decided that corporations are people - back in the 1880's and several times since. Look it up on Wikiepedia if you don't know where (or what) a library is.

And comparing a guitarist playing a gig at a convention to Nazis is hopeless.

I for one don't care what G.E Smith does with his career.He has made his choices and he will have to live with those choices.For those who support him as an artist without any other qualifiers other than to be entertained, you have had your day.For those who require more in life than just being entertained can choose to not listen to him or hire him for a gig.It's really that simple.I have worked with many successful musicians that refuse to be involved for any reason with a particular political party.The public is usually made aware of this,or example, when a candidate uses one of their songs during a campaign and is ordered to stop using it by the artists legal representative.For a musician to "do a gig" at a political rally or for a politicians' private party is to validate or agree with that politicians platform.Like it or not it is ultimately what the artists audience will see and refer to him in the future.G.E. has accomplished this for those who are conscious thinking beings.For the "ignorance is bliss" fan base I am sure they were thoroughly pleased by his performance and will continue to be entertained by him in the future. Also G.E is a sideman/bandleader so he can't really be called out on a public display that is counter to his lyrical offerings because he doesn't fit in that category.The only irony is that he does have a history in performing black music but that's a horse not worth beating.By the way....There are actually more musicians than not who put the "gig" higher on their priority list than any mere political or moral objective.I think you'd all be surprised to find out the truth about your musical "heroes". And for those who would place G.E.Smith in that category of heroes I can only hope he doesn't play at an event in the future that might be contrary to anything you might believe in.That would be a game changer.

How dare you use the name of james burton.Next time use someone better suited to your rancorous blather like hank williams jr.Everyone responding to the negative comments about support of this tool need to really take a look at the republican platform.If that doesn't change your mind about george then I suppose nothing will.and now george is trying to play dumb to the media by saying that he has "no idea what they were talking about up there" and then has the balls to liken himself and the band to the "doctors without borders".I can tell you one thing for sure-its gonna be real different for him walking down the street now when he runs into people who thought they knew him.

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