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Don't call it a conspiracy: Rush Limbaugh questions Hurricane Center Isaac track

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The rising concern for Tropical Storm Isaac has been wreaking havoc with Republican National Convention organizers though the weekend with a storm track that originally had the growing storm zeroing in on Tampa originally.

Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center have since switched the track of Isaac to one that takes it at or near New Orleans on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's landfall in 2005.

That switch, after RNC organizers had decided to effectively cancel day one of the convention, is not sitting well with conservative broadcasting powerhouse Rush Limbaugh. In a lengthy discussion on his radio show Monday, he questioned how a hurricane forecast model can change so drastically so quickly. He repeatedly denied he was positing a conspiracy theory, then went on to question whether the NHC was acting, as a government agency, on behalf of the boss - President Obama.

From the transcript at

The media is now out there saying that Hurricane Katrina is hanging like a pall over the Republican convention in Tampa. So this whole thing has been politicized, as the Democrats politicize everything, and that's why we are talking about it. Now, I want to remind you: All last week... And, no, at no time here am I alleging a conspiracy. At no time. With none of this am I alleging conspiracy. All last week what was the target? Tampa. What was going on in Tampa this week?

The Republican National Convention. A pretty important one, too. Introducing the nominee, Mitt Romney. It's only after the convention that Romney can actually start spending all of this money that he's raised, so this convention is very important. It's a chance to introduce Romney to a lot of people who don't know him yet. And I noticed that the hurricane center's track is -- and I'm not alleging conspiracies here. The hurricane center is the regime; the hurricane center is the Commerce Department.

It's the government.

It's Obama.

And I'm noticing that that track stayed zeroed in on Tampa day after day after day. And the Republicans reacted to it accordingly over the weekend, canceling the first day of the convention. What could be better for the Democrats than the Republicans to cancel a day of this?

You can catch the wuole speech via that link, or in the video below:

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