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Covering the Illinois House dismissal of Rep. Derrick Smith

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The Illinois House expels Rep. Derrick Smith

He'll still have to face court, but Rep. Smith's alleged acceptance of a bribe was enough to cause him to be the first sitting member of the House ousted in more than 100 years. Dave McKinney and Mark Brown report.

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Rep. Derrick Smith ousted from state House by 100-6 vote - Chicago Sun-TimesBY DAVE MCKINNEY Springfield Bureau Chief State Rep. Derrick Smith arrives at the Federal Building for an arrainme...
Waiting for House to take up Derrick Smith expulsion case. Madigan at rostrum. Usually means serious business at hand.Mark Brown
House floor quiets for Smith expulsion debate. Now reading the allegations against him.Mark Brown
Not as solemn as for Blago impeachment session, as close to a precedent in legislators' experience.Mark Brown
HR1191, the resolution calling for Rep. Derrick Smith's expulsion, is now underway. Smith is an unexcused no-show today in Springfield.Dave McKinney
The only question: will anybody dare speak up in defense of Derrick Smith?Mark Brown
Chamber is silent through 4 speakers, including Rep. Chuck Jefferson (D-Rocford), Smith's only defender. "What happens if...he's innocent?"Dave McKinney
Lou Lang: "Smith's silence in this case speaks volumes." Silence can be used against him.Mark Brown
Lang: Smith could have been here to say, "I didn't do it" without harming his criminal case.Mark Brown
Mary Flowers (D-Chicago): "He's innocent until proven guilty. That's what the Constitution says...What's the rush?"Mark Brown
Reboletti: "We as a body must police ourselves. If we don't do it, who will?"Mark Brown
Rep. Reboletti: Smith had 148 phone calls regarding bribe, some while House in session in Springfield.Mark Brown
Barbara Flynn Currie: We do not take lightly the expulsion of a member.Mark Brown
Currie: Alleged bribe "a stunning violation of the oath of office."Mark Brown
Rep Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) on Smith: "This isn't a speeding ticket...This goes to the very core of our democracy."Dave McKinney
Rep. Chuck Jefferson (D-Rockford): "let the legal system handle the issue." Says he will vote present.Mark Brown
Derrick Smith expelled. vote of 100-6. three presentMark Brown
Rep. Derrick Smith is defiant in Chicago: "My former colleagues did not know the truth." Says he'll remain on the November ballot.Dave McKinney
Smith called the day "sad and happy." Sad because he's the first House member bounced since 1905 but happy knowing whom his friends are.Dave McKinney
No votes on Smith: M. Davis, Deluca, Flowers, Mayfield, Turner, Yarbrough. Voting present: Ford, Jefferson, ThapediMark Brown

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