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Christie fires up GOP base at Republican National Convention

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TAMPA -- The tough-talking, plain-spoken New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie fired up the GOP base at the Republican National Convention Tuesday, capping a day packed with speakers, rhetoric and emotion.

Christie gave the final remarks following those given by Ann Romney, who painted her life with her husband as a long, loyal journey built after the most humblest of beginnings.
His booming voice carrying easily through the stadium, the bombastic Christie repeatedly had the crowd on its feet.
"Real leaders don't follow polls," Christie implored. "Real leaders change polls."
Christie took on themes that ran throughout the day: the power of strong women and strong families. The danger of big government.

He spoke in us vs. them terms, contrasting his own Republican beliefs with that of Democrats.
"They believe the American people are content to be coddled by the government," he said.

He said of teachers: "They teach because they love children," he said. Republicans, he insisted are "Demanding higher standards and demanding the best teacher in every classroom in America.

"They believe in teachers' unions," he said, putting his hand on his chest with emphasis he said: "We believe, in teachers."

"We have never been victims of destiny we have always been masters of our own."

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