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1. Getting a Slinger (hash browns, eggs, two beef patties, onions and anything else you can think of, all topped with chili) at the Diner Grill.

2. The loooooong bar at the Long Room on Irving Park.

3. Anything at Smokin' Woody's with their signature BBQ sauce on it.

Calvin Woods of Smokin' Woody's barbecue restaurant. (Sun-Times file)

What are your favorite three things about North Center?

Mike Reed's People, Places & Things in a jazz jam at the Hungry Brain. (Sun-Times file)

1. The bartender's good-natured jokes whenever someone orders a watery PBR at the Hungry Brain.

2. Restoring our manhood at the Belmont Barbershop, where a game of pool and a possible beer come with your $15 haircut.

3. The fresh-made pasta at Terragusto — if you don't think having the pasta made fresh that day makes a difference, you haven't been to Terragusto.

What are your favorite three things about Roscoe Village?

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