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Bike, dance and bowl on Friday

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What's cooler than cool? If you said ice cold, you'd be wrong. It's actually biking in Chicago during the winter. A big group of crazies will be hopping on their two-wheelers this Friday to ride from Daley Plaza (by the Picasso sculpture) all the way to Lincoln Square Lanes. Yup, it's the Critical Mass Polka Ride Party, and you can join up for free - or, if you value your appendages, you can just meet up with the bikers at the bowling alley for a few games and a whole lotta polka, courtesy of The Polkaholics.

The ride starts at 5:30 p.m.; the party's at 8.

polkapromoLR.jpgThe Polkaholics

Bryan Ekx spares a moment to note down a strike at Lincoln Square Lanes. (

1. Keeping your own score when you bowl at Lincoln Square Lanes.

2. Wondering if the location at 42n Latitude really is the absolute 42 degrees north latitude on the map.

3. The $5.50 matinees at the Davis Theater, which has Oscar-worthy movies without all the fuss.

What are your favorite three things about Lincoln Square?

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