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David "Honeyboy" Edwards
9 p.m. at Hideout; $12
"Living legend" can be an overused term, but it's hard to think of any other way to describe 95-year-old "Honeyboy" Edwards. The singer/guitarist has been playing the Delta blues since the Great Depression and is one of the few people alive who can talk about the great Robert Johnson from personal experience. He's been recording since World War II and continues to tour regularly, but this will be his last scheduled stop in his hometown till next February.

Rundown Alzheimer’s
7 p.m. at U.S. Cellular Field; $15-$70
The Alzheimer’s Association has raised nearly $10,000 for this event, which features a two-mile run inside the Cell, followed by a concert by Brad Cole. There will also be raffles and prizes throughout the night.

8 p.m. at Lincoln Hall; $10
Orgone’s distinct blend of hard-edged funk, disco and Brazilian- and African-inspired grooves have impressed some of the industry's heaviest hitters, resulting in a wide array of collaborations ranging from hip-hop giants De La Soul and Pharcyde to R&B sensation Anthony Hamilton and New Orleans funk legend Eddie Bo. For their show at Lincoln Hall they will be celebrating their newest album, Cali Fever, and since this is one of only three stops in the Midwest, expect them to be at their best. The Right Now, Nootka Sound and The Dirty Diamonds DJs open.

Highlights from Centerstage Chicago's latest Crumb newsletter:

Just Opened: Gilt Bar
Indulging is way too easy at this River North gastropub.

Off the Beaten Path: Zaytune Mediterranean Grill
Middle Eastern quick service in Bridgeport.

Weekly Treat: Tonight is vodka night at Villains Bar & Grill
South Loop spot serves up all vodka drinks for just $3.

Man We're Crazy About: Second City Subs
Lincoln Park sandwich shop makes ‘em fast and fresh.

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We have to give you credit, CTA. After all the ways you’ve screwed us over in 2009 (full buses passing us by, trains running express when we least expect it, the persistent odor of bodily fluids), you think you can make us forget all of it by offering penny rides on New Year’s Eve. And you know what? It just might work. Because instead of writing up a list of grievances, we’ve been busy brainstorming how to spend those cents between 8 p.m. Thursday and 6 a.m. Friday. Here’s what we’ve come up with (not including all the New Year’s Eve events on the slate):

  • Hop on the Red Line and spend some time at the Jackson stop, where you’ll surely find a music performance in progress, whether it’s classical violin or jazz on electric guitar. Increase your enjoyment by stopping by Ceres Café for a drink with the traders first.
  • Take a ride over to the Chicago Blue Line stop to view the new installation from local artist Peter N. Gray. While you’re there, head above ground for a cocktail at the Matchbox and maybe a heart attack (the Three Little Piggies Sandwich) at the nearby Silver Palm.
  • Plan a Pink Line journey to 18th St, where the decorated station will have you in awe. Not only that, but perennial favorite Nuevo Leon is just a short walk away (and if you’re taking a ride on the tail end of the deal, Panaderia Nuevo Leon opens at 5:30 a.m.)
  • Pre-party with the Wildcat faithful at Tommy Nevin’s Pub in Evanston, off the Purple Line’s Dempster stop – the diehards have plenty to prepare for, as Northwestern plays its biggest football game in several years on New Year’s Day, against Auburn in the Outback Bowl at 11 a.m. (if you can’t bear to leave the city, try Lion Head Pub – by the Fullerton stop – or the brand-new Purple Haze, steps away from Belmont).
  • Ride the Brown Line out to Francisco, just so you can confirm it exists (seriously, it’s gotta be the least referenced stop on the North Side). The welcoming Montrose Saloon is a short jaunt south.
  • Go for a late, late dinner (or an early breakfast) at the 24-hour Huck Finn Donuts near the Pulaski stop on the Orange Line. We recommend the Donut Delight (topped with whipped cream and ice cream).
  • Brave the cold and take a walk to Promontory Point, near the Garfield Green Line stop in Hyde Park. It’s the perfect place to toast to 2010 (with non-alcoholic beverages, of course).

Got better ideas for how to take advantage of cheap public transit on New Year’s Eve? Let everyone know in the comments. And remember to check out Centerstage’s Virtual L to find the best spots near train stops year-round.

Highlights from Centerstage Chicago's latest Crumb newsletter:

Just Opened: Folklore Argentine Grill
Wicker Park welcomes a meaty Tango Sur offshoot.

Weekly Treat: Shot and a beer night at Davenport's
Get a Miller Lite and a shot of SoCo for just $5 on Wednesdays.

Off the Beaten Path: Kyu Sushi
Try some BLT maki without breaking the bank in West Town.

Man We're Crazy About: Rocky's
This Bridgeport bar is more than just a Sox fan haven.

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Johnny Drummer's one of many famous musicians you can catch on Saturday.

Can't wait for the Blues Fest to get a super-size fix of Chicago's most famous music? You don't have to. The Chicago Blues Tour returns on Saturday, offering admission to and transportation between seven clubs around the city from 8:30 p.m.-1:30 a.m.

The $40 tour includes stops at Lee's Unleaded Blues, Rosa's Lounge, Checkerboard Lounge, Rooster's Palace and Catcher's Inn, as well as the tour "hub," Wabash Tap.

In addition to artists like Linsey Alexander, Fantastic L-Roy and Vance Kelly, the tour includes three special events:

  • "Southside Showcase / Chicago Blues Festival Preview Jam Session", which includes a sneak peek at upcoming artists from this year's fest (including Johnny Drummer and the Starliters)

  • "Harmonica Showdown!" with five harmonica players going at it throughout the night

  • "Guitar Duel" between slide guitar master Li'l Ed (with his band the Blues Imperials) and young turk Pete Galanis (from Howard & the White Boys).

You're free to stay at each club for as long or as little as you like, as shuttle buses will be running regularly all night long. You'll start at the venue from which you purchase your tickets - or at Wabash Tap, if you buy 'em online.

3 Things We Love About ... Bridgeport

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1. Drinking Okocim and Zywiec Polish lager in between free games of pool and darts at Herman's Gem Bar Lounge and Grill.

2. Frequenting Johnny O's for one of the city's cheapest lunches: $1.99 for a dog and fries.

3. Traditional dancing, a parade and the ultimate summer barbecue during August’s Croatian Fest.

What are your favorite three things about Bridgeport?

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