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Crush of the Month: Kelly Jocius

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December's Crush:
Kelly Jocius
Hometown: Elgin, Illinois

Profession:  Executive Director, National Flute Association
Hobbies: Reserving items through interlibrary loan, bookmarking recipes, scoping out what other commuters are reading.

How did you come to work for music nonprofits?
I had planned to be an ad agency copywriter, but I found I had no drive to write about packaged goods. I realized I could make a career by promoting what I care about, which is the arts.

As a non-flutist, what’s it like being a leader of the National Flute Association?
It’s fun! I am inspired by our members’ passion for what they do and their devotion to this organization. Helping professional musicians make a better living and amateur musicians express their love of music is a privilege and a gift.

What's your favorite thing about Chicago?

The variety of wonderful faces I see each day. That and imagining my parents' knockabout childhoods in 1940's Lakeview and Hyde Park. 

What's your least favorite thing about Chicago?

Wide-shouldered dudes in bulky winter coats on rush hour trains.

Describe your perfect day: 
I discover a great new batch of songs, hit repeat, and experience: a giggling fit, a rekindled childhood memory, a long hike, a first kiss, three kinds of cheese, an outdoor concert, a political rally, an animal rescue, a spontaneous dance move in a bakery and/or the poetry aisle, a high five with a grinning stranger, the perfect heist, and a little light snoring during savasana. I end the day losing all track of time with close friends in a beer garden. 

Relationship Deal breaker? 
Chatting on the phone. Come on technology, make that obsolete already!

Who was your first crush? 
The dancing green Orion slave girl on Star Trek. Followed by Jessica Lange in the 70’s King Kong remake. In my fantasies, I was the ape. Then Meryl Streep in Kramer vs Kramer. I was her ambiguously-amorous son. From alien to anthropomorphic to Oedipal. That’s the normal progression, right?

Why are you crushworthy?  
Just look at how charmingly flustered this question makes me.

Any questions for me?
Has anyone else discovered the acrostic ode you hid for me in your novel

Bio- Kelly Jocius has served as the Executive Director of The Midwest Clinic: An International Band and Orchestra Conference, Rush Hour Concerts, and most recently the National Flute Association, which he joined in September 2013.

A writer with an MFA in Creative Writing from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Sarah Terez Rosenblum freelances for sites like Pop Matters and Her debut novel, “Herself When She’s Missing," was called “poetic and heartrending” by ALA Booklist. Sarah is also a figure model, Spinning instructor and teacher at Chicago’s StoryStudio. Inevitably one day she will find herself lecturing naked on a spinning bike. She's kind of looking forward to it actually.
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