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Photo by Patty Michels. Left, Darrick Malone.

Now that it’s summer and you can step outside without risking exposure, Our Town is introducing a new weekly feature: ChicaGo.

Each week, we’ll post a speedy little street interview with one lucky Chicagoan. Keep your eyes out for us, because next time it could be you!

Location: Andersonville’s Midsommarfest

Chicagoan: Darrick Malone

Our Town So what brings you to Midsommarfest?
Darrick Malone I’m here volunteering with Equality Illinois to help support marriage for all, not just for some. I’m also registering people to vote.

OT What’s your favorite summer activity?
DM The festivals. Anytime people are out getting rambunctious but staying safe.

OT Favorite Chicago restaurant?
DM What’s the name of that place? I was just there last night. Club Lucky in Bucktown.

OT What’s your favorite make out spot in Chicago?
DM Home.

OT Cubs or Sox?
DM Whoever is winning.

OT What’s the worst thing about Chicago?
DM There is no worst part of Chicago. Chicago is perfect!

To learn more about Equality Illinois, visit

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