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Gaztro-Wagon: Lunch in Chicago Will Never Be the Same

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I just got my first taste of the Gaztro-Wagon, Matt Maroni’s much-discussed venture into mobile food options in Chicago, as the wagon made a visit to the Merchandise Mart for lunch today. First reaction: Well worth the hype.

What struck me most was how low-key the operation really is. It’s just Maroni and an assistant slinging sandwiches out of a truck. A hand-written menu lists the half-dozen or so “Naanwich” (basically sandwiches made on homemade naan bread) options on a chalkboard, you pick one, and 30 seconds later, it’s yours.

(More photos after the jump)

I chose the “Fidel Gaztro”: basically Maroni’s take on a Cuban sandwich, with pork, ham, manchego cheese, pickles and mustard. It was good. How good? I even ate the pickles, and I hate pickles (nothin’ but a cucumber gone bad, in my book).

You can find out where the Wagon will be by following their Twitter feed. One caveat: Make sure you get there early; they sell out quick. I just missed out on the plantain chips and was stuck with some crappy TGIFriday’s potato chips from the office vending machine. Not cool.

Check out a menu here.

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