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Whip It Good for Devo Cones

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By Jeff Min

Whether you’re a longtime fan or a recent convert to the Devo-lution movement, there’s little questioning the fingerprint (or lash mark, rather) that Devo has left on pop culture. Sure, the always catchy “Whip It” is the song we all remember, but truth be told these guys have a pretty firm grasp on what good pop music is all about; retroactive yet timeless.

Their new album Something for Everybody isn’t too far removed from what they were doing in the early ‘80s, which ought to make Thursday’s performance at Congress Theater a pretty nice throwback. If you’re going, consider yourself lucky. Now if you want to take your undying loyalty to new heights, keep reading.

By now you’ve probably noticed that the iconic Energy Dome (made popular during their Freedom of Choice era) has changed from the familiar red to blue, as seen in their 2010 Winter Olympics performance.

Well naturally we here at the Sun-Times got our hands on not one, but two of those swanky domes to give away to our loyal readers, you. And to sweeten the pot even more we have two autographed posters we’re going to throw in just for the hell of it.
First two responders in our comments section get one of each.

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can't wait for the show tonight. been dying for a dome !!!!!


Awesome– I'm in!

Really? I don't see any comments... Am I the first?

can i have one please?

Hope I won I don't see my previous comment. Hooray DEVO!!!

I love Devo and would love one of those hats!

Can't wait to see Devo at the Lolla Pre-Party August 5th. Hopefully I win a hat so I can sport it at the show!

i want one

Forgive me if I just commented twice, but I think I may have messed up on the first one... I'm going to the show tonight!

I'm going tonight!

I am excited to see them tonight!!!

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