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Summer in Chicago Just Got a Little Cooler (But You Didn’t)

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I’ve just about had it with street fests. Market Days sent me over the edge. If I ran a street fest we’d serve fruit cups and cucumber water. Who are these people who can deep throat an Italian sausage in the blazing sun?

And speaking of phallic stand-ins, who actually thinks it’s a good idea to bring a snake to a packed festival? Would you invite Death or Public Speaking? No, because just like Snakes, thousands fear them.

When I leave the house in summer I’m prepared to confront exes who’ve spent winter hibernating, road construction and drunken blonds in Cubs shirts and stilettos; but add snakes and humidity to the mix and agoraphobia’s looking better by the day.

Which brings me to refrigerators, specifically those dotting the Magnificent Mile. An ostensibly snake-less summer attraction, the contraptions, dubbed “Fine Art Fridges,” are part of an art exhibit sponsored by ComEd. Representing everything from architecture to the gulf oil spill, the exhibit features work of local artists like Lucy Slivinski, whose piece, “In the Land of Love, There is No Garbage” is located at 505 N. Michigan Ave. Other artists including Mike Helbing and Nicole Beck also contribute, offering a total of nine inventive iceboxes.

While turning a refrigerator into an art project may seem like the move of a 1950s housewife hopped up on speed, the project was actually conceived to generate buzz around ComEd’s Appliance Recycling Program, through which the company hauls away old refrigerators and freezers free of charge. Stop by and visit those wacky fridges anytime before Sept. 15. But please, leave your tarantulas, Gila Monsters and every other creature you tote around to make yourself seem edgy, back at your basement “bachelor pad.” Late summer is like last call: You’ll still find a girl drunk enough to go home with you, just remember, mom doesn’t like it when you have people over after 9 p.m.

Learn more about ComEd’s Fine Art Fridge exhibit, Refrigerator Recycling Program, here.

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