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Lollapalooza Spotlight: 2ManyDJs

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Perhaps it was the beautiful weather -- and, in sharp contrast to last year, the lack of mud everywhere -- that led to unusually strong camaraderie at Lollapalooza Friday. Yes, it’s a festival that sprawls more every year, and it can be significantly tough to navigate, but luckily people are (mostly) happy to point the way (thanks, Steven!).

Toward the end of the night, as the crowd’s incessant milling began to orient itself toward Lady Gaga, a handful of believers headed ‘cross the street to Perry’s stage. Set like a spaceship among the trees, the stage drew in those who wanted the dance without the dramatics.

2ManyDJs (who are actually only two DJs) were decked out in white tuxes, lording it
over the equipment and not missing a beat. Full disclosure: one of these DJs is Soulwax, whose flawless transitions and crafty remixes of recognizable tracks, from new LCD Soundsystem to Beethoven, were spun over a bass sound that could make Soundbar weep. General good vibes took a turn for the snarky with a chant of “F**k Lady Gaga!,” but mostly people just wanted to throw their glowsticks in the air and sweat it out. And as the skyline glowed in the background of the city’s largest open-air club, they did just that.

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