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The Three Quiet Deal-breakers for City Dating

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Single City is a twice-weekly blog about the Chicago dating scene written by Sun-Times Media Wire reporter Sally Ho. Got a question? Email her!

Smoking, religion, parenting are all accepted, and obvious, deal breakers.

But if you are dating in the city, sometimes it's the quieter ones that hurt your budding romances first. In the spirit of finding the mildly bumpy but everlasting road to true love, keep these deal-breakers in mind for your next first date if you are hoping it will be the last.

Accessibility: When Lance joked he only dates women within a one-mile radius of his West Town apartment, Sam laughed. When Lance reasoned it could take 30 minutes to drive three miles in the city, let alone trying public transpiration when he lives just as far from the L, Sam scoffed. Then Sam spent nearly an hour getting into the Loop from the far Southwest Side and she suddenly discovered truth to Lance's deal breaker. In conclusion, the city is big and if you can't get to your sweetheart in a reasonable and timely manner, you may just not.

Favorite Bar: She's dirty Uptown country bar, he's swanky South Side blues club. She's trendy Gold Coast lounge, he's frat-tastic Wrigleyville beer garden. It's one thing when one of you is a homebody. It's another, worse, social scenario when you both like to be out and about, just never to the same scene. That tug-o-war can be painfully dividing, so make sure your significant other can not only stand your watering hole, but actually enjoy it.

Food allergies: Tina gets hives when she eats chocolate. Manny's Catholic family gorges on the brown stuff for Easter. Their future kids "simply can't just eat jelly beans and Peeps!" he declares. So what will they do? Maybe Tina will just deal when she blows up into pieces. Fortunately, Manny says he's already decided to give up chocolate indefinitely. Begrudgingly? Probably. I mean, have you ever had a Cadbury Creme Egg?!

And not to sound too ominous, but I saw Barbie the Bacon Lover get denied kisses from Jack the practicing Jew during brunch one rainy morning. The two have since split. Coincidence? Maybe. But food's important. Make sure your other half can handle your diet.

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