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Three Lessons to Celebrate a Single’s Birthday

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There are many occasions in a person’s life where being single can become a consuming matter of fact. Sometimes to the entire world (New Year’s Eve parties, a sibling’s wedding, Italian restaurants on Valentine’s Day), and sometimes just internally. As I celebrated the anniversary of my life last weekend (hooray), I found lessons for the occasion that falls somewhere in between.

1) Planning can be tricky -- The thing about being single is that there is no "default" person linked to you. Sure, a close sibling or a roommate can sometimes serve as a go-to person, but there is a reason the words “significant other” were strung together. And celebrations are generally hard to plan anyway, especially when they revolve around just one person. So while planning your own birthday can feel vain and the constant inquires can be overwhelming, unless you have just a handful of friends who all know each other’s contact information, you’ve got to set a time, date, place by yourself in honor of yourself. But have no fear, thanks to Facebook events and Evites, a simple “Come hang out on my birthday” will suffice.

2) Whiskey, flowers and a cake with candles are necessary -- It’s if you haven’t got the guarantee of a mom who bakes or a boyfriend who’ll automatically send a bouquet, that the Big 3 are ever more important to include in the roundup of birthday celebrating. These timeless classics make everyone feel on top of the world (whiskey), especially loved (flowers), and birthday-ish (candle-lit cake)!

Yes, we already know everyone loves cake and no other item in the world is better associated with the grand celebration, but don’t forget gals enjoy whiskey and more importantly, guys love flowers. In fact, the Society of American Florists say over 60 percent of men surveyed said they would like to receive flowers on Valentine’s Day – and this sweet un-convention has charmed every man I’ve known to experience it. Stick to a single-colored, contemporary bouquet in something he would actually know the name of, like roses, daisies or sunflowers, or a more tree/leaf-like variety like a cactus or bamboo.

And I’d recommend whiskey at the bar and flowers to the office, but hey, you can do whatever you want – it's your birthday!

3) Friends are the best benefits -- Never forget that friends are often the most excited people to celebrate you and even acquaintances find joy in knowing you had a great day. Why? Because people like to have a reason to share their feelings for, be nice to, and care about ... YOU! So let them spoil you (they won’t have another excuse for at least another 365 days)! And unlike a significant other, friends have no obligation to love you, but do anyway. So really, is there form of affection more pure?

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