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Rich Man, Poor Man: Fireworks

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Single City is a twice-weekly blog about the Chicago dating scene written by Sun-Times Media Wire reporter Sally Ho. Got a question? Email her!

There’s little explanation needed for why we all love fireworks. After all, that big, explosive, pretty, bright lights display is a cliche for chemistry for a reason. So as you plan dates for this weekend’s celebration of America’s independence, here’s hoping to seeing some fireworks in the night sky and feeling the fireworks all night long.

RICH MAN: Watch any reality dating show (I’m lookin’ at you Bachelor/Bachlorette series) and you’ll undoubtedly see some making out to the big bang. And who could blame them? They’re as romantic as candles, only much more extravagant and real.

So if you’re OK -- and can afford -- to go big with starting prices at about $3,000, here are some local options to buy you very own, fairy-tale ending’esque fireworks display:

-- Michigan Fireworks Displays

-- Gateway Fireworks Displays

-- Johnny Rockets Fireworks

POOR MAN: Hop on board the Spirit of Chicago for the Independence Day Fireworks Dinner Cruise that includes “front-row seats” to 15 minutes of the biggest and best display of those romantic bright lights we all love.

For $139.90 per person, you get booze (not the good stuff, but good enough!), a food buffet, and a DJ for dancing from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

REALLY POOR MAN: This year there won’t be the big July 3 Taste of Chicago fireworks, so remember to go lay out on the grassy areas next to Foster Beach on the North Side or Promontory Point Park on the South Side at 9 p.m. July 4th for the city’s big free show.

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