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Invading space for free at Adler Planetarium

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photo: Patty Michels

Sarah Terez Rosenblum (@SarahTerez) is an MFA-holding writer, teacher and Spinning instructor. She's also the Theater Listings Editor for Centerstage Chicago. Look for her posts twice a week.

When we’re feeling glum, my dog and I like to dress up as James Dean and Natalie Wood and head for the planetarium. If we are in particular need of a pick-me-up, we chickie-run there on our bicycles. (You’d be surprised at how competitive the dog is; I always ditch first. But maybe that’s just 'cause her collar gets caught.) True, the Adler Planetarium is not the Griffin Observatory, but neither are the dog and I iconic movie stars. Sometimes one makes do with what one has. Well, right now, you can make do for free (which, coincidentally is what the dog does), because the Adler Planetarium is offering gratis general admission through June 11. Just leave your pistol at home, Plato.

While there is an additional fee for special shows, the dog and I plan to enjoy Planet Explorers, a space adventure that allows children ages three to eight to investigate all aspects of space exploration. We’ll also visit the Moon, a permanent exhibition which features the restored Gemini 12 spacecraft. After that we’ll probably grab some panini at Café Galileo, at which point I’ll look deep into the dog’s eyes and, gesturing toward the majestic Chicago skyline and the boundless firmament beyond I’ll say, “Once you been up there you know you've been someplace.” That’s usually when she steals my panini, and I get mad because Natalie’s much too ladylike to ever do that. “You’re tearing me apart!” I’ll say, but only half-heartedly, since we’re both overtired. Time to call it a day. We have big weekend plans. We’re gonna put on our custom-made Rhett and Scarlet costumes and pretend Andersonville’s Midsommarfest is the burning of Atlanta. Care to join?

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