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Three lessons from a date at Wrigley

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Baseball games make for great dates. Depending on who's pitching, you get three to four hours of quality time -- including beers, snacks and plenty of people-watching. Plus with all the down time, you get a real chance to talk without missing any of the action. Now that I've convinced you, get some tickets and make sure to heed these three lessons I learned from a recent date at Wrigley Field:


1) Pay for decent seats. They don't have to be steps away from home plate, but minimally should be on the first level outfield or right behind the plate on the second or third levels. This way, you can avoid much of the frat-tastic bunch known to frequent the area.

2) Go on a slow weeknight. The mood is way more low-key and chill than, say, during a weekend game where there will undoubtedly be violence and vomit. Plus you can afford the decent seats previously discussed.

3) Take in the ballpark and stay the whole game. Declare ahead of time you demand to stay for the whole game. Yes, it's a long time to be sitting, so be sure to take a walk around by the 4th or 5th inning. Buy a postcard at the gift shop or search for that elusive funnel cake -- the historic Wrigley Field is majestic for fans and non-fans alike.

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