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Three things to do before St. Patrick’s Day

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Meet a real live leprechaun
As part of its week-long celebration, Timothy O’Toole’s will have a “real live leprechaun” (we’re guessing it’s just a short Irish dude in a green suit, but go with it) schmoozing the crowd and hosting the first of many green beer chugging contests.

The festivities start at 8 p.m. on Friday and continue until, well, pretty much next Thursday.

Try a Chocolate Guinness cupcake
Dessert haven More Cupcakes is behind this succulent treat, which is crafted to replicate the appearance of a Guinness-filled pint glass. It features a dark Guinness-chocolate cake topped with a light Guinness-muscovado brown sugar frosting.

Beer in cupcake form? Now we’re talking! If that’s not your bag, try the Irish Coffee cupcake – coffee cake topped with a Kahlua-Guinness frosting. Sweetened coffee soil - a crumbly mix of ground coffee, almond flour, cocoa powder and salt - is sprinkled on top.

Both are on sale at least through St. Patrick’s Day.

Make your own Irish toast
Learn a few authentic Gaelic toasts with the help of River North Irish pub Fado’s web site. Choose from three toasts, then upload your photo and … well, you’ll see.

Our fave:
Get it in
Get it out
Get it home
Get it washed

Simple, yet practical.

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