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Quennect4 tries to kickstart a legit future

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quennect42.jpgIrvine Welsh fans lounge at Quennect4 before the author's reading in 2008. (photo: Jhonathan F. Gomez)

There's underground, and then there's underground -- and Quennect4 was certainly the latter. Operating without a license for the past four and a half years, the gallery and performance space hosted all manner of events, including parties, concerts, fundraisers, festivals and more (as well as participating in legit activities like the Humboldt Park Arts Fair, Peace Festival and the Wicker Well World Music Series). Notice that we're speaking of the place in the past tense; that's because as of January 5, Quennect4 received a Cease and Desist order from the City for its unlicensed operation.

The folks in the "Q4 Tribe" aren't giving up without a fight, though. They've recently launched a fundraising effort in order to take the steps to make the place a legally recognized establishment where the creative juices can continue to flow. Want to help out? Visit Quennect4's Kickstarter page to pledge funds toward the $3,600 goal (you only pay if the full amount is reached).

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1 Comment

Everyone should chip in to try and save a piece of the Chicago art scene!!!

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