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Your New Zealand screenplay deadline: Friday

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Aspiring filmmakers: If you haven't already submitted a screenplay to Your Big Break, the contest that gives you the opportunity to shoot a short film about New Zealand with Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson in his native country with producer Barrie Osbourne (Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson will be a judge), you'd better get on it. The deadline for entries is Friday, January 15.

Should you be feeling a bit lazy, or uninspired by the subject matter (racist!), you could at least do your part and vote for another local filmmaker, like Uriah Riedel, whose entry we've reposted below. This could be just what the Second City needs to break into the elusive Kiwi market.

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Hey Ben,

I think you should re-edit your article. Upon initial read, you make it seem like the filmmaker is racist - but you were in fact referring to how other filmmakers may not be interested in making a film about New Zealand. The joke kind of missed the mark and takes away from this artists' effort.



Peter Jackson is a judge for the five finalist.
The film makers won't be shooting with him but definitly shooting in New Zealand with Producer Barrie Osbourne (The Matrix, Face-Off, Lord Of The Rings Trilogy)

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