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Submit your Chiditarod design now (register soon)

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This could be you. (photo via

High on our list of resolutions for 2010 was to finally get it together and register for the Chiditarod, the annual shopping-cart race through Wicker Park that helps feed the hungry, one drunken, costumed idiot at a time.

It's almost time to make our dreams a reality: registration for the fifth-anniversary event (March 6) begins this month. If you don't feel like paying $30-$50 to lug a cart across Division early on a Chicago winter day while wearing a muumuu and chugging PBR (that's how we picture it, at least), you might want to pay attention to the Chiditarod Design Competition. If you submit the winning design for the patch, t-shirt or flyer, you'll get to do all that crazy stuff for free! Deadline for submissions is January 21.

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