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Chicago clubs you loved in 2009

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Seems like everyone's doing those end-of-year and end-of-decade lists right about now, and we're nothing if not bandwagon-jumpers. But instead of telling you what we think were the coolest bars, clubs and restaurants of 2009 (or making you cast your vote), we're going to let the numbers do the talking. Before the new decade begins, we'll be giving you the lowdown on what venues Centerstage users viewed the most during the past year, along with our ideas about why each was so popular. Did your favorite make the list?

The final list: Nightclubs. (For this one, we'll let the user reviews speak for themselves. Note that most of these places are 17 or 18-plus.)

1. Nitro Dance Club
"By far the most (dare I say it) crackin lackin dance house ever."

2. Club Volkan
"It's really up to you if you are willing to risk your life for some fun."

3. Mission
"The crowd is not nearly as perverted as at Energy and not as young as Zero."

4. Club Mambo
"For an 18+ club I can honestly say it gets poppin."

5. RadioStar
"Latinas do it better on the dance floor...ME GUSTA CLUB RADIOSTAR!!!!"

6. Energy Thursday Nite Dance Club
"If you love techno or underage white girls, this club might be for you!"

7. Zero Gravity
"If you like to get down and dirty, dancing on people and all that, this is def. the place to go."

8. Rumba
"Fantastic ambience and music. Reminds me of some of our salsa spots back east."

9. Club 720
"The lame techno music is kept at a minimum."

10. Crobar
"Don't count on meeting Luciana Barroso here, it's Chicago, not Miami..."

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