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Drink cheap wine then blend your own at BIN 36

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Looking for a cheap drink downtown this weekend? You won't be able to do much better than the $4 glasses of wine at BIN 36. The deal's actually available all month, as part of the restaurant/bar's ongoing 10th anniversary celebration. If you're skeptical of the quantity and quality of the wine, consider this: BIN offered $5 glasses of wine in August, and were convinced to bring back the deal this month due to customer demand.

Already thinking about what October's $3 deal will be? While we don't know that, we can tell you that BIN 36 will be a good spot for wine lovers to check out early in the month. The annual Harvest Festival takes place October 4, offering a chance to blend your own custom wine using a Cabernet Sauvignon base and adding proportions of Merlot or Syrah. If you like your creation, you can purchase bottles of it for around $15 each. The event costs $36 and advance tickets can be purchased at

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You did a story on the three things you love about soldiers field.. In the Monday Sept 7 paper..

I would like to comment on what I don't like..
Every game I have been to at soldiers field I am appalled by the segregated
concession stands. If you took a close examination of these concession stands it would remind you of 1950s Alabama, Miss. LA. racial divide

Whomever the manager are needs to integrate or learn more about race relations......

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