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Gotta have that Gothic Funk

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What we know: This Friday, August 28, from 8-11 p.m., there will be a party going down at the Waterfront Cafe to celebrate the release of Paramanu Pentaquark #2, a journal full of plays, essays, poems, prose, cartoons and more. For $10, you'll get food (hot dog, fries and drink) and a copy of the new issue. There'll be a pre-party with optional swimming at Thorndale Beach, and a post-party at Sovereign Liquors featuring $2 PBR and $2.50 Old Style.

What we think we know:
Paramanu Pentaquark is a "Gothic funk" journal, which has something to do with postmodernism, if we understand the movement's manifesto at all. Whatever it is, we love this sentence: "Gothic Funk is a movement and a frame of mind, but it’s also a whole way of experiencing life, in which you don’t have to be hyper-aware, and hyper-confirming of your situation and the things that are happening around you." Take that, Twitter!

What we don't know:
Where to begin?


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