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Free dental care for musicians next week

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Why haven't you gone to see the dentist? Is it fear? Is it the cost? Do you not have the time?

No, this isn't an advertisement for a new dentist referral service. But it is a friendly reminder that you need to take care of your teeth. And that goes double for those who perform on stage. There's nothing worse than biting the head off a bat, only to have your dentures get stuck in the fur.

But many musicians don't get adequate dental care for the same reason they don't see doctors regularly -- lack of insurance. That's why MusiCares, the social service outreach arm of The Recording Academy (the people behind the Grammys) will be offering free dental services to low-income Chicago-area musicians and music professionals on Thursday, July 9 at the Chicago Federation of Musicians (565 W. Randolph). Services will include a dental exam, teeth cleaning and two bite-wing x-rays. There's no word on whether "grill" polishing is part of the deal.

Apply/register for an appointment by calling (877) 303-6962.

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The pain that is caused by some problem on your teeth is sometimes unbearable. Therefore, you need to keep your mouth always clean to keep germs away.

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