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New tour service combines biking and eating

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Are you the type to try and "work off" all the calories you consume with a brisk bike ride? Say hello to your new best friends, Dimitra Tasiouras and Sharon Bautista. The two recently founded Fork and the Road, a series of biking-and-eating tours that brings together two of the great pleasures of Chicago summers.

The girls kick things off with an International BBQ tour this Sunday from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Beginning at Pause Cafe in Edgewater, the 14.5-mile ride will run the gamut from traditional American-style 'cue to foods from India, China and Korea. Other upcoming adventures include Local Vegetarian Chicago, Tour of Asia, Tour of Latin America and Unsung Chicago Classics.

Tours cost $50-$60 per person (you must register in advance), and include all food but not bike rental (if you need some wheels, tours start and end near rental locations).

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I've taken the Fork and the Road tour, it was great. I'd also recommend taking their tour along with another Chicago food tour offered by which is similar to Fork and the Road but without the bike, much shorter (3 hours only), a bit more food but cheaper ($42). Both are well worth the effort for local Chicagoans. Thanks!

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