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Video from fightin' Friday's Drake show

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Were you at the House of Blues for the Drake show on Friday? Do tell. What caused the fight — and was it related to the man outside who got shot in his backside?

Here's (a) a rip-roarin' tale of the evening from NBC5, about the show's ridiculous delay, the restless crowd and fears of the incident's chilling effect on hip-hop shows in Chi town, and (b) YouTube video from the concert, showing Drake doing his thing (warning: adult language!) and then falling apart once the fight starts. And that's Lupe Fiasco holding him back ...

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thugs, thugs, thugs.

2 and a half hours delay, so these morons can listen to some other moron spit into a microphone?

Could be worse, Eminem could have been the opening act

Just like Chris Rock said: "Grand openin' . . . grand closin'!"

Where ever these animals gather, there will be problems.

That had to be some of the stupidest stuff I have ever seen or heard...then the fight broke out...

What did you expect? Thugs living up to the stereotype. Most of them want get touchy feel-ly with other men.

I hate to say it, but look how many hip-hop and R&B shows are abject disasters. This happens time and time again. There are too many fools and loose cannons among the attendees, and this is the result. Pathetic, people.

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