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Open and closed: Iyanze, Cafe Wha Who?, Jay's, District Bar, Phoebe's

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Here are some recent restaurant/bar openings and closings.

Iyanze – Get your African fix while Bolat deals with the after-effects of a fire. Same owners. Much of the same food. A little further north. You’ll live.

Cafe Wha Who? – The name is an homage to the popular Café Wha? in Greenwich Village. We would make some sort of underhanded insult about those bohemian snobs that made the Village famous, but we feel Chicago as a whole is a much more culturally sophisticated town and we wouldn’t stoop to their level. Plus, it’s in River North, so we’ll bite our tongues. Also, this is a coffee shop that serves booze, so it pretty much speaks for itself.

Jay’s on Taylor – Inexpensive pasta in (where else?) Little Italy.

District Bar – This River North bar/resto plans a grand opening this weekend. They claim to show every sporting event you want, while not being a “sports bar.” And you have to walk through a “secret” bookcase to get into this “speakeasy.” We’ll withhold judgment until we check it out, but we fear this place may just end up being too “kitschy” (our quote marks added).

Phoebe’s Cupcakes – You know, we here at Our Town were just saying, to nobody in particular, “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if there was another bakery around that specialized in cupcakes?” (Note: We were not just saying that)

Powerhouse Restaurant and Bar – It sounds more like a gym juice bar, but is actually a swanky West Loop spot … er, was. No word on whether it’s closed for good, but we’re not optimistic.

Caliente – This Logan Square Mexican spot has turned out the luces and gone frio. Que triste.

Check back here every Tuesday with more openings and closings (and snarky comments, of course). And be sure to check out Centerstage Chicago's list of new restaurants and bars.

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