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Man, your old dude 'do has got to go

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Women of Chicago: Tired of running your fingers through your boyfriend's gnarly hair? Do you keep encouraging him to wear hats, even though he still looks like a doofus? Well, Pete Wentz has a solution for you. Take a photo of the guy's ridiculous hair, then log onto Fall Out Boy's Friends or Enemies site and submit it. From there, we'll allow whoever wrote the copy on that Web page to explain: "Homeboy will then be in the running to win a brand new haircut and style at the Clandestine Industries Salon, thanks to our good friends at AXE Hair. Between 40 & 50 dudes will get restyled over 3 days and will then be ready to take on the world looking so fresh and so clean … with girl-approved hair."

Dude! The deadline to enter is April 17.

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