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3 Things We Love About ... The L



1. Walking past those new money-gouging parking meters (thanks, Mayor Daley and City Council!) and being so relieved we don't have to pay for parking.

2. Experiencing all the diversity the city has to offer, even when riding a mere two stops.

3. Looking down below during a snowstorm -- or heavy rain or any rush hour, really -- and seeing cars snarled in traffic and feeling quite smug we instead can catch up on our reading.

Tell us your three favorite things about the L!


1. Someone that stinks, either from that bathing or too much perfume, and sitting right next to you when to whole turn is empty.
2. The crime on the train, people doing stuff, writings, garbage....
3. The homeless. Not all are bad, but I have been on a redline train, jammed packed, people were squeezed in, couldnt move, if you were in the middle, half the car hd to get out then come back in so that you can get out, anyways there was a homeless person was asleep in the back of the car, the smaller one with six seats and all the empty space, and it was packed with all her stuff. she took up 3 seats, her bags took up 3 and all that room, 7 people could have stood there. so she took up like 13 places right there. would have been some air to breathe on the train if she wasnt there.

1. Drunks barfing on the train
2. One person taking up two seats, while a pregnant woman with a child stands...
3. People talking on their cell phones loudly.

1. standing 45 mins for the next 'L' in the cold and when it gets there you can't get on.

2. having to spend time in the car with the guys doing the 3 card monty scam

3. never having to ride with the alderman or the mayor as neither would be caught dead on it.

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