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3 Things We Love About ... Edgewater


1. Gino's North — The dive bar/pizza joint where we will weather the recession just fine, because the place looks so sketchy from the outside that the Trixies and Chads won't even come in to frown at the cash-only policy and because the place is so affordable — even after recent drink price hikes — that we can wash down the sweet, crackery pies with cheap wine and still feel like Rockefellers.

2. Coffee houses that aren't Metropolis — Skip the attitude and stale pastries of that overrated study-hall on Granville in favor of Edgewater's more comfortable, tastier and less Starbucks-aping indie coffeehouses such as the curiously cozy Kopi Cafe in Andersonville (mmm, tasty veggie-friendly treats!), the airy aesthetic of Pause by the Berwyn L stop (ahh, stained glass and exposed brick!) or, our favorite, the Stella Espresso Co. on the border at Devon & Lakewood (yesss, really well-crafted coffee!).

3. People-watching in Andersonville — When the weather warms, so does this lil' sub-’hood chock full of cafes and clever shops, with just enough licensed patios now to make an afternoon out of an umbrella, a patient waiter and a lot of "Did you see that?" and "Check out the _____ on him!"


I'm not quite sure why the writer listed "edgewater" and then proceeded to talk about Andersonville/Uptown, but anyway.......

1. I lived down the block from St. Gertrude's for a long time and the combination of social activism and community involvement always impressed me. While the administration has changed, I don't think the parishoners have.

2. Minas TV. A family owned staple for decades. Good products and service and a knowledgable staff compliment great video selections.

3. Moody's Pub Nothing beats a burger and a pitcher during the Spring and Summer.

3 things I love about Edgewater.

1. Great latte art at Metropolis.

2. Buying truly excellent locally roasted coffee at Metropolis.

3. I do like visiting Stella coffee house. Last time I was there the coffee was really good. (Oh by the way... it was roasted by Metropolis)

Metropolis has done way too much for Edgewater and for Chicago coffee houses to be your snark target.

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