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3 Things We Love About ... eco-friendly Chicago

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Today is Earth Day, so we decided to look at what Chicago does to make us a greener city.

The green roof and deck of the Center on Halsted, a pioneering gay community center on Chicago's North Side. (AP file)

1. Rooftop gardens
Folks at Chicago City Hall, Prentice Women’s Hospital, Uncommon Ground restaurant, the Center on Halsted and countless other city dwellers have found the perfect space for urban gardens — their roofs. The rooftop gardens spruce up air quality, reduce storm water runoff, cool the surrounding air and offer a lush refuge from the relentless hustle-and-bustle of big city life.

2. Cycle city
Chicago’s Bike 2015 plan is geared toward increasing safe bicycle riding on city streets. The goals include reducing bicycle injury levels by 50 percent and increasing bicycling so that 5 percent of all trips less than five miles are taken on two wheels. Mayor Daley, an avid cyclist, has said his goal is to make Chicago the most bicycle-friendly city in the United States.

3. Farmers markets
Whether it’s the Green City Market in Lincoln Park or the smaller farmers markets held weekly during warm-weather months in neighborhoods throughout Chicago, buying locally-grown products cuts down on environmental hazards wrought from transportation. The abundance of organic products are healthy for farmers and consumers alike. And they just taste better.

Tell us your three favorite things about eco-friendly Chicago!

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I would not call Chicago an eco-friendly city. An eco-friendly city would have city-wide recycling for all its citizens. An eco-friendly city would find a solution to this problem more quickly than 2011. Almost 1 year since the city's blue bag program ended in May 2008, most of the city is still in need of a recycling program. Kudos and Happy Earth Day to those who independently recycle, despite their city's reluctance to acknowledge the problem and recognize its role.

About eco-friendly Chicago, while I cannot see the rooftop gardens, I like the little bits of land throughout the city that are turned into lovely private or community gardens.

here's 3 things:
-a joke of a recycling program.
-terrible traffic problems (which include angry and agressive drivers, the real trouble for safe bicycling).
-a citywide acceptance that dropping trash on the ground is easier than doing anything else.
-major coal burning power plants.

what an eco-friendly town! we've got some rooftop gardens and a couple small farmer's markets! maybe an olympic committee should stop by every weekend, get people out cleaning up garbage (downtown, at least).

Don't forget a great recycling program, convenient trash cans (one every couple blocks!) and the need to use at least 15 plastic bags for every trip to the grocery store! And of course, that great looking garden in the picture! There must by a small handful of those all over this gigantic town! Now where did I park my car, I've got to drive across the street. . .

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