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Restaurant Wars: February

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It's tough to run a restaurant these days, but not for everyone. Through economic woes and fickle food trends, some eateries remain in high demand--at least on the Internet. Each month, we'll give you a rundown of the ten most-viewed restaurants on, along with Twitter-friendly commentary on possible reasons for each spot's strength. Will your favorite make the list? Read on to find out.


1. Silver Palm
Anthony Bourdain called this train-car restaurant's Three Little Piggies the "best sandwich in the country." Worth an investigation, no?

2. Sweet Mandy B's
This one's always popular 'round these parts. Guess mini-cheesecakes and banana pudding cups never go out of style.

3. Burt's Place
"No Reservations" strikes again.Anytime you can get a New York chef (Bourdain) to enjoy a deep-dish slice, you deserve some attention.

4. Ed Debevic's
What can we say? People love intentionally rude service and classic American food.

5. Bongo Room (South Loop)
Because nothing cures the condo blues like a heaping pile of pancakes topped with cookies, chocolate and frosting.

6. Butterfly Sushi Bar & Thai Cuisine (West Town)
Just because the economy's in a rut, it doesn't mean sushi cravings disappear. Thank god for BYOBs.

7. Grand Lux Cafe
The wild mushroom "burger" is so good, even folks who hate unnecessary quotation marks can't resist.

8. Table Fifty-Two
When the First Couple chooses your restaurant to celebrate Valentine's Day, yeah, you're gonna get a bump.

9. Hamada of Japan
Spring training has begun...and we've got Fukudome on our minds.

10. Art of Pizza
The best antidote to Punxsutawney Phil's grim projection? A huge, cheesy slice of comfort.

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