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Warning: Haastyle art alters views of Chicago

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We've been talking views — of the handsome Chicago skyline for last Saturday's Earth Hour — but there's an artist in town who has created some radically new and different views of the city. He's even coined his own term for the art. The artist is Nick Haas, and his photo collages are Haastyle.

Haas takes photos of the city — the El tracks, the Loop, the lights, what have you — and then, instead of picking the good ones and slipping them into frames, he layers the images, knits them together, uses technology to make intriguing photomosaics that sometimes create an entirely new viewpoint on sights and scenes we take for granted.

“The urban environment fascinates me,” says Haas in a statement. “I love everyday objects — buildings, power lines, cars, train tracks — for their complexity and functionality. We coexist with them, yet take them for granted and they go unnoticed. We interact with these objects everyday, but overlook the role they play in defining the city's appearance and behavior. This idea inspires much of my artwork.”

Haastyle is currently on display at Thos. Moser showroom, 607 N. State. For more, see his portfolio.


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