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That's Amano!

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Steak tastes better when you're not overcooking it.

So, you decided not to to play the reservations game for Valentine's Day. We don't blame you; those phone-answerers can make you lose your appetite within seconds. But hey, you've still got to eat, right? If you're not totally confident in your ability to pull off the romantic meal your better half deserves, you might consider giving Hugh Amano a buzz. The former Uncommon Ground sous-chef (and rising food blogger) will work with you to create a menu, head to the store with you and then...cook it for you in your own kitchen.

Chances are his services will be hard to come by on Saturday night, but he'll be available for future dates as well. Because if Valentine's Day is the only day you treat your sweetie to a gourmet feast, you're just a pawn of Hallmark.

Call Hugh at (773) 561-1836 or email

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