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Open and shut-tered

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Here are some recent restaurant/bar openings and closings.


Markethouse – Supposed to be a mostly locally sustained menu. More updates as events warrant, as well as (we hope) a better Web site.

Naf Naf – Naperville gets what the owners bill as casual Israeli. We will forgo the easy joke about what happens if an uptight Palestinian walks in – as we have a strict policy about getting involved in holy wars.

Feast – The popular Bucktown spot opens up a new location in the Gold Coast (in the old Cru digs). Another spot is planned in Lincoln Square this summer. What will they do after that? Try to take over the world!


Zia – The New Mexican (as in the state, not recently prepared Mexican food) spot moves out to make room for the new Terragusto on Armitage. Guess we’ll have to find somewhere else to get our sopapilla fix.

Nicky’s – We’re pretty sure we’re talking about the Nicky’s Drive-Through on Roosevelt, but there’s so many damn Nicky’s restaurants on the south side, it’s hard to keep them straight.

Open (again):

Bleeding Heart Bakery – After some, uh, drainage problems last week, the popular bakery is back up and running – and offering a special "Kitchen Sink Cookie" (oatmeal with flax, dried fruits and chocolate) for $2.50.

God We Hope It Doesn’t Close:
Mr. BeefBank problems loom for the popular River North beef stand. I mean, an Italian beef is an Italian beef. But you gotta love the ambience of the place, as well as the history. C’mon, somebody’s gotta pony up to help these guys out. We got about a buck-fifty in our pockets to help the cause.

Check back here every Tuesday with more openings and closings (and snarky comments, of course). And be sure to check out Centerstage Chicago's list of new restaurants and bars.

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