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Already on your third cup of coffee today? First of all, slow down. Unless you're an Air Traffic Control operator, you don't need to be that focused. Second, we have some information that might interest you. CoffeeFest 2009 comes to Navy Pier next weekend (February 20-22).

While the three-day event (admission: $40) mainly covers the business of the bean (scintillating workshops include "Easy Maintenance on Brewers and Espresso Machines That Can Save Big Money" and "The Ambiance of Your Café - Getting Crowds In Your Door"), you can count on a ton of samples, as exhibitors will be on hand from all over the country. And everyone can appreciate a good latte pour, right? The winner of the Millrock Latte Art Competition will walk away with $5,000; that should be enough to support that Starbucks habit for at least a month.

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